Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan: True love?

Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan: True love?

Would the deceased writer Ayn Rand have agreed with Paul Ryan?

More than a few conservatives discuss Ayn Rand; according to the New York Times, Paul Ryan is also a fan of the conservative author and loves to hand out copies of “Atlas Shrugged” to his friends, family and whoever else may be on his gift the list. The question posed in the article in the New York Times, however, focuses on what Ayn Rand would have thought of him. 

Would Ayn Rand have been a fan of Paul Ryan’s particular brand of conservatism? Does Paul Ryan really understand the concepts that Ayn Rand is trying to discuss? Is it likely that Paul Ryan is really thinking WWARD (What Would Ayn Rand Do) when he is making policy decisions and considering federal legislation?


Jennifer Burns of the New York Times doesn’t believe that Paul Ryan’s policies are all that closely aligned with Ayn Rand. Here’s the gist of her argument:


  1. Ayn Rand was a capitalist, but not a believer in public service. 
  2. Ayn Rand was a Jewish Atheist and would not have appreciated the blurring of the lines between religion and government. In fact, she criticized former President Ronald Reagan for much the same thing. She was not known for pandering to the religious right. 
  3. Ayn Rand was against government interference, including the American involvement in Vietnam. Ayn Rand’s theories led her to a strong anti-war stance during the Vietnam War. It is unlikely that Paul Ryan is a dove based on his opinions. 
  4. Ayn Rand was all about “moral selfishness,” which is again, not based on Christian values. 


What do Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan agree on? 


Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan would have agreed on the dichotomy between those that mooch off of the government and the “producers” who they believe finance the government. 


The so-called “moochers” include anyone who is incapable of working at any given moment in time. The sick, the elderly, children. The unemployed.  In the eyes of those who value capitalism above morals and common decency, all of the members of society who are not earning their fair share really don’t deserve a helping hand from the government. 


Because of this mentality, it’s hard for me to understand why members of the Tea Party, who are disgruntled people who are not being taken care of enough by the system, are so in favor of the very candidates who call them moochers. 


What do you think?