Attack of the average Joes

Attack of the average Joes

Friday October 24th


Dear Diary,

Currently touring highly volatile swing states on “Joe the Plumber Tour”. Shot down Rick for questioning title of tour; he claims “nation tired of you stuffing Joe the Plumber down throats”. Pshaw! Joe the Plumber connects with the people, as is working hero symbolic of oppression middle class will suffer at hands of Mr. Attended-Two-Ivy-League-Schools. Well—he’s symbolic at least, as Joe the Plumber actually Joe Lieberman in disguise. But that is NO excuse for media to create all sorts of lies about how Joe the Plumber’s name not actually Joe, how Joe the Plumber's complaints about Barack's tax plan invalid because he actually doesn't pay taxes, how Joe the Plumber not actually a plumber.

Desperately wish I could tell American public that Joe does not actually existâ??was in fact planted as part of complex campaign strategyâ??and subsequently expose media lies, but have feeling that strategy would backfireâ?¦

Maverick, over and out.


P.S. Referenced Joe the Plumber six times in this entry (now 7!) Almost up to speech quota. Gov. Palin complaining Toddâ??s drinking buddies have switched drinking keyword from â??maverickâ? to â??Joe the Plumberâ? and subsequently dropping like flies (up to 8!). Hmm you think those Joe-Six-Pack types would be able to hold their liquor...