Arrest the bankers! Help the citizens!

Arrest the bankers! Help the citizens!

It’s amazing what happens when you do your job.

Could you imagine what would have happened to our economy if our elected officials had, instead of bailing out the banks, bailed out its citizens instead? What might have occurred if our politicians had actually done their jobs and regulated banks (entities that are not human and therefore should not have the citizenship granted to humans), locked up bankers who swindled people out of money and pension, and simply given bailout money to citizens instead?

Honestly, I don’t know, and you don’t either, so let’s not argue about it.

But it looks like we can tell what might have happened from the current situation in Iceland, a country that was facing similar problems to our own. The scenario I presented above is, after all, exactly what Iceland did, and now the country is in a strong recovery period much more stable than our own.

Of course, Iceland rose up against its government with rocks, demanding attention that they subsequently received; I am not saying we should have used rocks, but with a nation as large as ours it’s harder to storm one focal point—and, of course, when you’re being tasered or smacked with sticks in the country with such a militant police-state mentality, well, it’s even harder. But I’m wondering if we had just put on more pressure, sooner, if we’d left the numbness of reality television and cigarettes and booze and celebrity gossip and instead really gave a damn about what our nation’s elected officials were doing, where we’d be today…