Anti-gay group uses couple’s engagement photo for its agenda

Anti-gay group uses couple’s engagement photo for its agenda

Public Advocate turns a happy memory into a nightmare for gay couple and gets sued.

In another classic moment of WTF from the anti-gay front, a nonprofit hate group called the Public Advocate of the United States decided to pillage a gay couple’s engagement photo for its own twisted purposes.  The photo, which depicts the couple kissing, had its background altered to look gloomy and an anti-gay message plastered across it.  These altered images were then used as mailers to help promote Public Advocate’s agenda.

Wow, seriously?   Wouldn’t it have been easier to just take some actors and have them do a completely fresh photo instead of screwing with someone’s special moment?  Did the attack on gay rights really need to turn into an attack on two particular individuals?  Not to mention that they’ve taken two people who are obviously in favor of gay rights and turned them into images that promote the opposite agenda.  To me, this is about as low as you can go without physically assaulting someone.

It’s just more proof that the anti-gay agenda doesn’t think things through, desiring so much to get their point across that they don’t give a crap who gets hurt in the process.  For people that claim to follow God, they certainly have an easy time going against what Jesus had to say about being caring individuals.  Their blind agenda cares not for the casualties in their wake, as long as they get what they want.

Well, as is fitting, Public Advocate is getting sued for their stupidity.  Both the couple and the person who took the photos have filed suit for violation of copyright laws.  It may not spell out the essence of the situation, but at least it might discourage the anti-gay movement from trying such BS tactics in the future.  With any luck, the lawsuit will cripple Public Advocate and we won’t have to hear from these psychos again.

Unfortunately, the damage is already done.  The couple in question has become the target of hate groups who have seen them on the mailer.  What should have been one of the best moments of their lives has turned into a nightmare and it’s something they’ll have to deal with the rest of their lives.  All because of some jack-ass with a selfish, ignorance-driven agenda.