Anti-abortionist proposes rich-only abortion solution

Anti-abortionist proposes rich-only abortion solution

Making abortion so expensive that poor women will not have the option to get one.

In yet another assault on the rights of women to choose whether or not they wish to have an abortion, a professor and anti-abortionist by the name of Michael J. New offered a new solution that might prevent people from choosing this alternative: raising the costs of abortion. According to him, the most effective way to reduce the number of abortions is not to educate women and not to place restrictions on availability, but to simply enact laws that require women to spend so much money that they quite literally can’t afford to have an abortion.

He lists a number of things that can be done to help jack the costs of the procedure up.  Some of the suggestions include defunding women’s health care organizations that offer abortion, restricting access to certain aspects of health care, passing laws that require women to jump through more bureaucratic hoops and make multiple visits to clinics and extending waiting periods.  Essentially, make them so expensive by nickel-and-diming women at every turn.

Of course, those of us with half-a-brain in our head know that this is not only an assault on women’s rights but also a direct class attack on the poor.  If abortions become so expensive that poor women can’t get them, the numbers will drop, but only among the poor.  Rich pro-choicers and rich hypocritical pro-lifers will still be able to get their abortions as normal.  Those living in poverty will be forced to try more “homemade” ways of ending their pregnancies.  The loss of fetal lives will be replaced with a loss of adult lives.

From my own point of view, it almost seems as if the anti-abortion movement is in favor of fuller orphanages and more dumpster babies.  Make no mistake - that would be the end result of implementing restrictions on abortion that specifically target the poorer classes.  Biased approaches like this harken back to the way things were decades ago and are a serious threat to the health of women all across the country.