Another week, another case of stepping backwards?

Another week, another case of stepping backwards?

What was the big Obama news yesterday? That President Obama has reversed himself on Gitmo. He has abandoned his law professorial belief in the American justice system and has kowtowed to the politics of expediency and is allowing military tribunals to continue.

Candidate Obama railed against foreseen unfairness, said that he would close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo. President Obama not only has made no effective move to close that prison, but issues an executive order that will keep the prison open and will allow for the indefinite detention of people in US custody, without a civilian trial, and he still says that he strongly believes in the American system of justice.

So to fight the enemy, we have to act like the enemy?

A case can be made for extended detention of some of the detainees. Maybe those folks should be given a sort of prisoner of war status? But can a case be made to support the position of those who are so fearful of our Constitution, that they are willing to junk the Constitution, when its provisions become inconvenient for us to uphold?

For those who may wonder why the concern for the prisoners at Gitmo? The answer is obvious. What is done to some people in U.S. custody can be done to others. Indefinite detentions are dangerous to a democracy. A country of grownups should have the capacity to sort the guilty from the innocent, and should carry out its duty to up hold the rights of all prisoners.

In this country, the accused are innocent until proven guilty, in a court of law, which grants the accused the ability to defend themselves. Even people who are accused of the worst crimes have rights which must be respected, or at the end of the day no ones rights will be respected.