Another Bad Decision, Another Resignation

Another Bad Decision, Another Resignation

An odd story comes out of Utah, as the House majority leader quit the Legislature, a few days after coming clean about sitting naked with a teenage girl nearly 25 years ago. The problem with the female, however, was at that time, she was only 15 years-old, and the now former Republican Representative Kevin Garn was either 29 or 30.

He paid her $150,000 in 2002 to keep silent, but the now 40 year-old, Cheryl Maher, has been calling local media outlets in Utah last week to confess the happening, which resulted in his resignation.

A couple questions arise from this mess. What would ever prompt a man to sit naked with a 15 year-old girl? Where were her parents?

What troubles me the most however, is the all the recent news of politicians doing everything they can to hide their true self to get elected. This guy knew full well he wouldn't get elected in the conservative leaning area with that in the open and even tried to pay her off for it. I also guarantee the State Senator of California Roy Ashburn, who for the longest time was beyond anti-gay, would have never gotten elected in the again, conservative district, if they knew he was a homosexual. I'm not saying that is necessarily right, but that doesn't matter to hard-line conservatives.

This again shows a terrible side of some of those in the political world, and the means they go to cover up their true self. How is a voter, who should be well informed, truly know who they are voting for? I guess for some of these guys society may never know.