America's troubling turn

America's troubling turn

Our country's wrong turn

I recently had occasion spend some time in the hospital. My first roommate was in his mid-fifties and after he left, I soon welcomed another who was in his early seventies. In neither case did either of us ask the other our political leanings nor did a blatant political discussion erupt at any time. What did happen was that as the news unfolded daily on television, we discovered through mutual shakes of the head, grunts and sighs that we were—in the cases of both roommates and myself—all Republicans.

Obviously, we discussed among ourselves and commiserated with each other on the “gimmie” mentality that exists in the country today. After all, every report shows that there are more people on food stamps, housing assistance, free medical care, unemployment benefits, government subsidized education and other types of entitlements than ever before in the history of the country. Coupled with the fact that less than 50 per cent of the nation pays income tax, yet reaps the same benefits of those who do—as well as the types of entitlements listed above—it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why our economy continues to go south.

This entitlement expectation makes people less enthusiastic about getting ahead in life on their own. As a result, there is more tolerance concerning illegal aliens who milk the system for all of the government assistance imaginable, many of which are not available even to citizens.

Now the administration wants to give citizenship to 12 million illegal aliens. Even more maddening is the fact that the Department of Justice in a charge led by Attorney General Eric Holder is fighting to give the right to vote to illegal aliens in Florida and Arizona.

Yeah, my roommates and I are older and conservative, but can’t younger and liberal citizens see that these directions our society is headed in are wrong for this country.