Akin to buffoonery

Akin to buffoonery

Why Todd Akin’s asinine statement sort of makes me happy

By now you and everyone else in America has probably heard about the ridiculous statement Todd Akin, a representative from Missouri, has made about rape. You can read his vile and, for no better word, stupid statement here; in short, he basically said that if a woman is “legitimately” raped, her body will shut down and not let her get pregnant.

If this is the first time you are reading this, I will pause to allow you to throw something, laugh, cry or call Akin and complain.

Are you back? Now that you know what an idiot Todd Akin is, you might want to note that Kirk Cameron and Steve King (the representative, not to be confused with the author) plenty of Missouri’s General Assembly members are idiots as well, as they continue to endorse him after this horrific remark.

And the remark is horrific, no doubt. It’s not only completely false in the way that a statement like “Humans can stop bleeding by the power of telekinesis if they really want to!” or “Babies can turn into lemurs if given the proper amount of sleep!” is false, it’s also completely demeaning and offensive and hateful to any rape survivor. Whose rape is “legitimate” and whose isn’t, after all?Sigh. I am so tired of rich privileged men who don’t know jack about what it is to be a different color or gender or social class than they are running this country. Aren’t you?

That’s why I’m a little happy about this statement. You see, Akin has been my representative off and on. I’ve campaigned against him (just as many members of a homeschool group I used to belong to are currently campaigning for him) and voted against him many times, and every email and letter and phone call I placed to his office about anything I cared about was pretty much time wasted, since he’s about as conservative and against anything for progress—whether it’s peace or women’s rights or anything that advances anyone other than your typical rich, straight, WASP male. So to see the nation give him this much backlash is a bit satisfying to me, to say the least.

And I’m really hoping that he’ll be pressured to just drop out of the senate race entirely. After all, rather than REALLY apologize for his statement, Akin has stated that everyone is overreacting. That’s right—every rape survivor, every child born of rape (which could be about 5% of the adult pregnancy rate alone, though I’d wager it to be higher considering the reluctance to report rape), every survivor and product of incest who has to live with this truth that you so vagrantly dismissed, Mr. Akin, is “overreacting.” Someone is assaulted in the United States every two minutes; I wonder how many of these Mr. Akin feels is legitimate? Telling your constituents that they are overreacting about something this widespread and horrifying is definitely not a way to get elected.

Some of Missouri’s Republican politicians are already calling for Akin to step down, and for once I will agree with them. Personally, I think it’s time for old Todd to retire. At the very least, he needs to back off and sit this one out.