Afghanistan Keeps Getting Worse

Afghanistan Keeps Getting Worse

What in the hell are we doing in Afghanistan? Fighting Al Qaeda? Right?

The Speaker of the House, that noble and wise lady, Nancy Peloski, is fed up with Afghanistan. Yesterday, the HuffPost Hill reported -- "In some of the strongest terms she has used to date, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared last Friday that the United States will see 'a serious drawdown' of forces in Afghanistan by July 2011 and that the House may use the power of the purse to ensure the drawdown takes place. In an exclusive interview with the Huffington Post, Pelosi made clear that while recent talk has hinted that the administration's stated goal of a June 2011 start date for a troop drawdown may be open to change, her commitment to it remains firm."

Speaker Peloski is not just speaking for the sovereign state of San Francisco, she is expressing what many Americans are feeling. What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan?

A whole lot of every dollar that we are sending to Afghanistan for construction and reconstruction, and development, goes flying out of the country into the oversees bank accounts of corrupt Afghan officials. Recent stories in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post tell of billions in U.S. cash being stolen, and tell of how high government of Afghanistan officials and Afghan President Karzai are blocking any probes into the corruption. Why do you think they are doing that? Are they not concern with who is stealing our aid money? Of course they aren't, because they're in on the theft.

One Taliban leader said that we Americans may own the watch, but he has the time. Taliban are counting the days until we leave. Then they will cut the throats of whom ever they can gets their hands on -- President Karzai his officials. Is that why Karzai and his cronies are stealing and sending the loot out of the country? Is that the way they plan to finance their get-away scheme?

I am not going to mention here, the blood of America and of her allies spent, or the thousands of innocent Afghanistan dead. What is the value of life to those who would sell their country to corruption?

What should we do? What we should have done from the beginning, which is not to do / well try nation building., and not to get in bed with a cabal of dope runners and thieves. Yes, we must fight Al Qaeda, of which the Taliban is apart of the whole. There were forces in Afghan fighting Al Qaeda.and the Taliban before the Bush invasion, and the dumb and stupid steps he took, which the current Administration inherited and continue. We need to support the anti- Al Qaeda / Taliban forces. We need to support them. Support, not run them. Only Muslims in a Muslim land will defeat Al Qaeda.

The U.S needs to define its enemy. The enemy is Al Qaeda, because Al Queda has made us their enemy, and given time, don't forget Al Qaeda says it has the time, even generations ,-- in time, if we continue the kind of engagements we are carrying out in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda might become strong enough to strike a blow against us, from which we will have difficulty recovering. In Afghanistan, we are only making Al Qaeda stronger. It is a movement, not a military organization, and their losses, because of our actions in Afghanistan, are only assisting their recruitment. We need to get the Hell out of Afghanistan, and to tell those Afghan nationals, who will fight Al Qaeda, to get to it, because it is their lives on the line. Expect Karzai and his kind to flee. But those forces who were fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban before the Bush invasion will fight. They will not be fighting for us, though we will benefit, they will be fighting for themselves, They were fighting Al Queda and the Taliban for themselves before, and it is not too much of a stretch to expect them to do so again.