Advice For Mr. Obama On His Meeting with the GOP

Advice For Mr. Obama On His Meeting with the GOP

Don't Let The Wolves Gobble You Up

So President Obama has an upcoming meeting at the White House with the Republicans? The meeting is scheduled for today.

Well, the White House doesn't take advice from me. But that is not going to slow me in any way from writing it here and sending it go on the blogosphere.

First thing first. Mr. President, remember what these dudes are. They're wolves. They've just gobbled up over sixty Congressmen and six Senators, and don't think that they've grown fat and contented, they are still lean and hungry. They want what you've have -- the White House. They want what the Democratic Party still has -- the Senate majority. Don't expect them to be changed by sweet talk. Even if you serve them sweet cups of tea, with just a little lemon, don't expect them to keep their teeth in their mouths. They are wolves and they think you are a sheep. What does wolves do in the presence of sheep?

Be nice. That's your public nature. Serve them coffee. Okay, tea, optional. You are the host. Offer them lemon. They will refuse. They want their tea sugared with their own sugar. No lemon. No compromise. Just their own syrup.

Be nice. But don't expect them to be changed. The change need to be made in you. You need to see that you must face down wolves.

The Republicans have already made it clear what their agenda is. It is to take the White House in 2012, to discredit the Democrats, to discredit you.

Have your own agenda and stick with it, because they have shown these last two years, that they are going to stick to theirs.