Activist alerts

Activist alerts

Take a few minutes for some quick action alerts today.

If you normally surf the web with your coffee or your lunch, why not skim over these action items of interest and help change the world a bit while you’re at it?

Pledge to vote for clean energy

We are long overdue for a clean energy policy in this country. It feels as if our own government has given up on the idea entirely, and will colonize Mars before even trying to fix our mistakes here. Let’s hold whoever wins this November accountable for creating a clean energy policy. Click here to make your pledge.Help protect wolves

After wolves in Wyoming recently lost protection from the Endangered Species Act, they now face the danger of a free firing zone on September 30. Please write the governor of Wyoming, Matt Mead, and ask that he issue protections for these wolves.

Click for free donations

Every day, I try to remember to click at to give free donations to causes that I love—such as fighting violence against women or helping to save rainforest acreage. This was one of the first forms of activism I encountered on the web as a teenager and it has grown exponentially since. Please bookmark this site and take the seconds it takes to make a difference whenever you can.

While you are bookmarking such websites, don’t forget to include websites like The Breast Cancer Site, The Rainforest Site, and their companions. You can bookmark just one; after you take action, you can use the tabs on the site to go to the other sites.

Ask for clemency for Terry Williams

Terry Williams, a man who faced extreme physical and sexual abuse as a child and eventually killed two of his abusers, is facing the death penalty in Pennsylvania. Many people—including one of his victim’s wives and the Pennsylvania Attorney General—agree that he should be granted clemency considering his abuse as well as his subsequent remorse. Click here to learn more and to ask for clemency for Terry Williams.

Ask Disney for nontoxic lunch boxes

Even though phthalates are banned from children’s toys, these dangerous ingredients are still allowed in many products—including lunch boxes. And Disney’s lunchboxes contain these harmful chemicals. Studies show that the level in Disney lunchboxes would be considered illegal if present in children’s toys. Please click here and ask Disney to stop using such ingredients in their lunchboxes.