Action alerts: Business, money and government

Action alerts: Business, money and government

Help ensure a progressive future for America!

The election may be over, but we still have so much work to do. Check out the progressive actions below and take action on the ones that you feel strongly about.

Support American workers

Did you know that by the end of the first quarter of 2013, nearly a million workers will run out of unemployment benefits—and that more than five million will not be able to receive benefits next year if we don’t take action now? My husband was laid off last year and I can vouch for how important those benefits are while you’re looking for jobs and recovering from a layoff—and I fully support anything we can do to support these workers. Click here to join me in asking that we do what we need to do to get these benefits to American workers.

Protect services for Americans

While we focus on protecting workers who have lost their jobs, we need to continue supporting all of the services our country offers to help protect our brothers and sisters. From Medicare to Medicaid, Social Security to various state programs, many integral services face cuts by our new leaders. Click here to ask that these programs not be cut and that job creation be focused on by our new leaders. You can send a similar letter again for greater impact here.

Stand with Walmart workers

Walmart workers will be walking out during Black Friday until their basic working conditions are improved. These workers are striking for the first time in 50 years and we can support them in obtaining above-poverty wages by refusing to shop at Walmart until they are provided a living wage they can live on. Click here to ask the Walmart Board to meet with workers and come to a fair agreement!

While you’re doing that, you might want to ask that Walmart close its doors on Thanksgiving Day so workers can spend that time with their families. More and more families are separating on holidays due to the demands of the workplace—and they are denied the right to ask off for these important family occasions, with their jobs on the line if they do not show up. Some just don’t receive holiday pay, while others face suspension or worse for simply wanting to spend a holiday with family and friends. Click here if you think that everyone should get to spend their holidays with family.