Act for a better future

Act for a better future

Take action for causes you care about below.

Whether it’s clean water, economic rights or unhealthy food, there are plenty of things to be concerned about today. Yes, we can get angry—but it’s more productive to be active. Let’s add our voices together in support—or in opposition—to the following progressive action items.

Act for clean water

When we think about how millions of the people of the world die simply because they have no access to clean, safe drinking water, it’s a very sobering thought. Many of us have the luxury of readily available clean water in our very homes; shouldn’t the rest of the world have the same? Ask Congress to support the Water for the World Act in ensuring that every person has access to safe, clean drinking water.

Ask for a living wage for fast food workers

When I worked in the restaurant business, I was spoiled; I worked for a family-owned line of restaurants with great benefits, free food, and good pay as far as that line of work goes. Some of the supervisors could have used a bit of sensitivity training, but otherwise it wasn’t bad work. That said, it’s still grueling, thankless, hard work filled with angry customers and lots of gross cleaning every day—and most workers get paid so little in the biz that they have to take on multiple jobs to just afford rent. Click here to ask that fast food workers be paid a living wage.

Tell Monsanto: No immunity for you!

During this year’s lame duck period, Monsanto is after immunity for itself as Congress considers more research regarding genetically engineered organisms. The giant is even after the right to continue planting its GMOs during periods of ordered moratoriums while evidence is gathered and reports are conducted. Don’t they already have enough power in our country? Don’t we now have a right to know what foods contain GMOs and the right to choose not to eat them? Click here to stop Monsanto’s sneaky power grab.

Save Medicare patients

In order to cut costs—and corners—Congress is considering raising the Medicare eligibility rate to age 67, resulting in higher premiums and even more seniors without medical coverage. It’s bad enough that Medicare doesn’t cover so many things, from preventative inoculations to prescription drugs in many cases; why cut corners even more? How about cutting Congressional spending instead, folks? Click here to ask Congress to stop the cuts.