9/11 Victim Lawsuits

9/11 Victim Lawsuits

Saudi Arabia legally declared fair game for litigation

The day will live in infamy to anyone who lived through it, and many of those who did not. The pictures, videos, and personal stories of the worst tradgedy of terrorism on American soil will forever leave us with heavy hearts. 9/11 seems so fresh to so many despite each passing year since the events.

To others, the victims and their families, the events hit even harder. 

For so long there was noone to goto in order for the victims and families to try and gain compensation for their terrible losses. 

On Tuesday, the Senate released a bill that would allow those families to file against Saudi Arabia of all places.

This was directly against the wishes of the White House, who have warned against it.

The bill will now head to the house for final approval, but passing on a voice vote on such a controversial issue is a huge sign of position be and overall support of the bill.

The main controversy stems from hurting relationships. Something the President saw first hand on his last visit to the country. The US may also fear having the same thing happen to them if they are blamed for things that happen off American soil that the US may be involved with.

The right thing to do should not involve those fears though. Those waiting to try and get people held accountable for the death and destruction have waited 15 years and should not have to wait any longer.

Saudi Arabia has insisted they had nothing to do with, nor any knowlege, of the events of 9/11. In that case...why not take it to court to show your innocence. I have heard of no specifics of what is thought to be known of Saudi Arabia involvement, but it would appear some just evidence exist. 

Currently many more hoops are to be jumped through...but it is a start. One with dramatic and unclear results however.