Anti-Trans Bill Defeated

Too bad some states can't say the same

After battling an anti-trans kid bill that would penalize doctors who provide them with hormone blockers for months now, I'm happy to report that it failed in committee with a vote of 6-2 in my state. As I celebrate this I can't help but feel the dread of not only what is to come, since the Right has made it clear these vulnerable kids are their new targets, but also what's going to happen in states where these bills are passing.

How can these people sleep at night knowing they are destroying lives? Some might honestly believe they are helping due to the conflicting science, much of it spread by the same doctors who are anti-vaxxers and shouldn't even be called doctors in the first place, but most seem to be looking for the new fear-based platform and scapegoat in order to make a comeback given that they're losing their elections.

How are these bills doing in your state? Share your challenges and victories in the chat.

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Number 1 Request For The Biden Administration

What do you hope they fix most? What do you think has the greatest chance?

The number of issues we face in the modern world are dizzying and to narrow it down to just ONE thing feels impossible. If I had to choose, I know that universal healthcare, poverty, civil rights and LGBTQ rights top my list, but I think climate change may be my number one ask because it effects everyone, even if they won't be born until this fall. You can bet I support the Green New Deal.

But what issues do you think might have the most chance of being passed? If we got rid of the filibuster it would definitely help but we also have a few right-of-center Democrats who aren't doing us any favors. Reducing student loan debt seems to be a promise that might get checked off the Biden to-do list, and I hope all of these issues are addressed at some point. There really is so much.

What's your favorite thing that the administration has done so far? How about the thing you hope they do most?

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Stop the Kidnapping And Abuse of Teens

Have you heard about this?

No, this isn't some QAnon conspiracy. There are boarding schools parents send their "troubled teens" to that kidnap them, force them to take medicine and shower under supervision, and even beat them. Paris Hilton recently testified that she attended one such school in Utah. It's incredibly disturbing. Please sign this petition and share it to help people look for this kind of abuse.

Speaking of kidnapping, you can also take action against human trafficking (again, the real kind, not the QAnon kind; we have more slaves today than ever in history and it needs to be stopped and not hindered by conspiracy theorists) by learning more here and taking action here. Share any actions you find in the chat.

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QAnon Conspiracists in Former Special Operations Forces

This is especially disturbing

Remember back in January when the terrorist attack on our Capitol terrified us all and white nationalists tried to throw a coup because their candidate lost? Yes, that was this year. It's still harrowing to think about. Remember how some of the insurrectionists seemed rather professional, especially in terms of their gear? It turns out that there are former special operations forces officers in secret Facebook groups who are Qanon conspiracy theorists.

Knowing that people who not only have insider knowledge but also know-how believe in these conspiracies is distrurbing, to say the least. I'm really hoping some of them are actually spying to keep tabs on those who would do us harm, but I'm sure many of them are not.

How are you dealing with the conspiracy theorists you know? Any arguments or logic that's helped you win anyone over? Share what you've learned in the chat.

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Take Action This Week

Share your actions in the chat!

Every day requires constant vigilance as fascism continues to grow, the Right fights to dismantle every win we've ever had and the Left just doesn't even start to cover Left-wing values. Most Left-wing policies in America are moderate by other developed nation standards. It's time to move forward. Here are some actions for the week.

Ask the Senate to support the For the People Act

Petition schools to teach Reconstruction

Ask Congress to fight gun violence

Ask Biden to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline

Ask the Senate to approve new Board of Governors to help save the Post Office

Ask Congress to include healthy school meals as part of Biden's investment package

What actions do you have to share? Post them in the chat.

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Getting Rid of DeJoy

It sounds counterintuitive when you hear it like that!

Isn't it ironic how Louis DeJoy brings us anything BUT joy? The postmaster has made it clear that he wants to destroy the postal service from the inside out, which is just mind-boggling. Doesn't it just astound you when you see people take an office they hope to dismantle entirely? It's like Ron Swanson running the Parks Department.

Getting rid of DeJoy is a little more complicated than just firing him (sign this petition to show that's what you want!), but Biden can take great steps toward doing so by getting his USPS Board of Governors nominations confirmed. We need to call our senators and ask that they do this, too!

What are you doing this week to combat issues where you live? Share your actions in the chat. 

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Georgia Brings Back Jim Crow

We must fight back

This week Georgia passed some incredibly disturbing laws reminiscent of Jim Crow. Want to give someone waiting in line a drink of water while they wait? It's illegal with this legislation. Can you imagine? The lawmakers who design a system in which lines are this long in the first place are punishing people who are trying to stay in line to vote. It's absolutely unbelievable... and yet, somehow in the United States in 2021, it's honestly not surprising.

The law creates unnecessary hoops to jump through in order to vote, and it's been passed by people who already know they won't be voted back into office after the last election. Trump's fake rhetoric about voter fraud has fueled over 100 similar bills across the nation.

We can't let this happen in our nation. We have to call, email and challenge these bills from becoming laws. When a party realizes that they can't win without cheating and resort to doing so in order to get a leg up, they have no business being in power at all. Share how you're taking action against these bills in the chat. 

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From Voter Suppression To Rolling Back Women's Rights

How are you fighting the good fight this week?

It's an unsettling time to be an American for many of us. Despite record numbers during the last election, we are still dealing with some of the worst leaders we've ever seen in Congress, many elected due to their state's villainous gerrymandering, making it much harder to elect progressive leaders. Right now we're seeing over a hundred voter suppression laws in progress, dozens of laws restricting a woman's right to choose--many of which literally ban it--and it feels like time traveling but not in a good way.

In my state, we've been speaking out and testifying in hearings against everything from bills like these to bills banning trans kids from getting life-saving medicine and playing sports. I kid you not, we are in a pandemic and that's what these people think is important right now. I know, I can't even, either.

How do we do what Stacey Abrams did and really mobilize our states? How do we get the oppressors out of office? What are you doing where you live?

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Share Your Actions!

Have a petition, phone calls to make or an issue that needs awareness?

We're right in the middle of my state's legislative session and it's been an incredibly busy time. I've been writing, calling, text banking and preparing to testify before my state committees (only to not testify, since they're not giving priority to people waiting to testify from home--and my state isn't requiring masks in our capitol building).

It's been long nights in between our usual obligations, especially when it comes to stopping harmful bills that hurt everyone from people who get pregnant to our trans citizens. It's so tiring combatting all of these harmful bills when we'd much rather be working towards adopting more progressive policies.

What is the legislative season looking like where you live? Are you working on some great progress or are you, like me, constantly working on the defensive line, longing to be on the offense?

Share your petitions, causes to raise awareness about, calls to be made, donations needed and other calls to action in the chat.

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Share Your Stories Of Hope

What wins do you have locally this week? Share them in the chat!

This past week has been so heavy where I live. Honestly it's always heavy in the Midwest lately. I know I've complained about the gerrymandering here for years but that's why. We have reps who have no business being reps. We have people in the senate who don't even live here. My senator is constantly trying to drum up drama while ignoring our problems. He even cheered on seditionists and should be impeached somehow. If I knew how to go about that, I so would.

None of the people who represent me voted in favor of the American Rescue Plan. For the past week we've been calling, writing and speaking up against abortion restrictions, transphobic laws and more where I live and it often feels like an uphill battle. I'm so ashamed for what trans kids are seeing, for how they're being treated, by officials in our state.

The American Rescue Plan did finally pass, no thanks to my state, where the minimum wage was scoffed as if we were asking for golden eggs to be handed out. But I would love to see more. What great laws are passing where you live? What progressive successes are you celebrating? Please share them in the chat.

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