Focusing on the Big Picture

How do you decide what gets your attention?

Attention spans are definitely more limited than ever these days. We apparently have a smaller attention span than a goldfish now thanks to our constantly scattered, always-on-tech brains. It's no wonder it's so difficult for so many of us to concentrate. So how do we decide which issues are the most important ones for us to address?

Then there's the size of the issue. Recently in one of my Leftist groups there was a thread about local businesses to boycott, which I thought would be very helpful. Nope. So many people poured personal vendettas into the list that it was difficult to know which were legit or not, and some of them even sounded like issues of perspective. Then there were some people listed because they paid minimum wage. As much as I want everyone to pay much more than that, with so many businesses doing such big harm, I can't just not support all of them, because that's what this kind of list would ask. That would lead us to boycotting the very tech we're using, which causes much more harm than paying someone minimum wage.

So how do you decide what needs your attention and what to spend your limited time on? How do you pick which companies to boycott and which to continue to support? Do you have some sort of litmus test or threshold to weigh them all against one another? Share your evaluation process in the chat. 

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Nothing Left to Lose

Does this resonate?

Folks, we are in desperate need of a whole new American model. The model we're using isn't working. It's failing the majority of people, and if we don't make sweeping changes quickly, scientists say we're going to start seeing our own demise within the next few decades. This is terrifying. Yet it's also not new. We've been warned for many decades already, and most of us want these changes while a few of us hold them hostage at the expense of profits over people.

This piece about how we feel like we have nothing left to lose really resonates, too. The workplace isn't what it once was. It's never been a super affirming, supportive place, but the pensions people once saw are gone. It's no longer possible to support a family on a single salary, sometimes on two, and forget buying a home. Things feel bleak and in many ways they are. Striking, as this article says, is just the beginning. It's how we hold the rich accountable when they refuse to do anything to repair the harm done, increase wages to a living level and pay their fair share of taxes.

What's next? What do we do to release this country from the iron grasp of the few who want to continue to control, dominate and keep the majority of people poor? What do you think?

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Take Some Action Today

And share your own actions in the chat.

Our government officials are supposed to work for us, but sometimes it feels like a full-time gig just monitoring what they are doing and asking them to stop (or start) something altogether! Thankfully there are lots of nonprofit organizations that help us keep an eye on some key issues. Here are a just a few to take action on today.

Amazon Watch is asking that we tell UBS and JPMorgan to get out of Amazon oil and gas. It's not only impacting local people but it's also detrimental to our own environment and climate regulation. Click here to learn more and tell them to stop.

Parents Together wants us to remind Congress how important paid leave is in the Recovery Bill. It really is unbelievable how we don't have this important benefit in our nation when most developed nations do. Hold Congress to paid leave here.

What actions are you concerned about today? Share your own actions, petitions or issues to call about in the chat. 

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Fire DeJoy And Save The Post Office

Can you believe we're even facing this possibility?

Having trouble getting your first-class mail? Seeing your usual shipping rates go up? Blame Louis DeJoy and the Republican plot to privatize mail by getting rid of the USPS. This is a service that the entire nation depends on, yet the groundwork for its dismantling has been laid for years and years. Trump's appointment of DeJoy was just the nail in the coffin.

These service delays are dangerous, as we've seen. They impact everything from medicine to livestock delivery. And at a time when stress and poverty are rampant, why do this to Americans when what we need are an increase of services from the USPS instead? For years people have asked that it be expanded into a banking service as well, yet here we are.

Biden has the power to fix this. It's complicated, for sure, and requires a whole new board created for the purpose, but it can definitely be done. This is just one petition calling for Biden to do it. Sign it but be sure to add any others that you find in the chat.

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Share Your Actions

Petitions, letters, calls, and other actions

It feels like there are always so many actions to take lately, and I just find myself not trusting them all. The problem is a lot of politicians have taken to creating petitions for you to simply voice your opinion only so they can get your contact information to spam you several times a day. It's exhausting. It's the first time in my life that I can remember deleting many of them (and unsubscribing), and too many want to text me lately, too. Nope.

That doesn't mean I don't still write or call, but I tend to do it more on my own these days. I have my reps and senator saved in my phone so when I hear about something that I'm concerned about, I call them. I sometimes send emails, too. I still sign a few petitons and letters sent to me, too. Do you? If so, share them in the chat.

Stand with Kellogg's workers and demand they be paid fairly

Tell Garland to prosecute Trump

Tell Congress to pass Postal Reform


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Death Is Not Justice

Yet the cry for blood persists

This is not a civilized society. A civilized society would not look at a man born with fetal alcohol syndrome, a man with an IQ under 70, a man who was intellectually disabled, missing a fifth of his brain, who took three lives while high on drugs, and decide to execute him. No. A civilized society would be one rooted in community care, one that would have given someone born into these circumstances support--one that would especially care for its most vulnerable citizens instead of using them as scapegoats while their rulers and "public servants" engage in violence every single day without repercussions.

The murder of Ernest Johnson yesterday by the state of Missouri still has me reeling. My governor refused to pardon a man with intellectual disabilities, but are we really surprised? My governor also refused to issue mask orders, to put public safety first, to expand Medicaid, to do SO many things that would save lives in my state. How many lives he's cost us with his actions and power remains unknown but it's far greater than the number one vulnerable man took.

The irony isn't lost. Law enforcement officers and the military are ordered to take lives daily. We live in an incredibly violent culture where guns are prioritized over kids in schools, mental health is blamed instead of the weapons and yet we refuse to fund universal healthcare. Politicians offer empty thoughts and prayers while they continue to take checks from the people who fund gun programs and the cycle continues. They force people to give birth, they attack trans kids, they put drug offenders in jail while corporations continue to perpetuate environmental terrorism and poverty and cause the deaths of millions of people without repercussion... and they murder vulnerable people--particularly vulnerable Black men--to give everyone the illusion that there's some kind of justice in the system. 

There is no justice through murder. Justice would be through social programs to help people like Ernest, to prevent violence by making sure everyone has mental healthcare, physical healthcare, good food and a place to live. Justice would be creating an actual society where people care about one another and instead of worrying about bills or food, they all pitch in because their needs are met and they can. They can focus on building healthy communities because they don't have rumbling bellies or support or the worry that are all carefully maintained to keep people from thriving.

The people calling for Ernest's death sentence to be carried out yesterday proved that we need not look far to see why this violence continues. And it will continue until we decide we've seen enough blood and enough inequity, particularly the legal kind carried out here on a daily basis.

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Canceling Household Debt

What do you think of the idea?

As so many Americans face hardship and eviction notices during a global pandemic, some leaders want to act as if everything is normal while others are trying to actually address these problems head-on. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is one of them. Tlaib has introduced the Maintaining Access to Essential Services Act in the U.S. House to help alleviate some of the pain that people are facing right now.

The Act would get rid of debt households have for electricity, water and internet services, ensuring their basic utilities are met and ceasing shutoffs, giving folks a little more breathing room to pay their rent and buy food. It's really a no-brainer to help folks during a pandemic, especially when the government was irresponsible enough to not issue a workable shutdown like some governments were able to do to actually stop the spread.

If you agree, you can sign in support of the Act and share it. What else do you think our government should be doing right now? From universal basic income to simply issuing a workable stay home order with pay or other ideas, what can we do to promote more health, equity and aid for people right now? Share your ideas in the chat.

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End The Bounties On Pregnant People

This is outrageous

SCOTUS must think playing cowboys and vigilantes is fun and appropriate for 2021 because that's what's happening right now as doctors admit to saving lives by performing abortions and disgusting people rush to file lawsuits per the legislation. The people suing the doctor are both former lawyers from Illinois and Arkansas. One even says he doesn't disagree with abortion but he wants the courts to test the legality of the case to find out what happens. 

This is a mess. This is an outrageous injustice, an unconstitutional law that's being upheld by the semi-coherent people Trump appointed to SCOTUS, and it's just a taste of what will continue if we don't expand the court, impeach Kavanaugh, do SOMETHING. Lives are going to be ruined left and right with this outrageousness.

Some have said they thought abortion rights would always be protected just so the Right could get their base riled up and that started to give me hope--until this. We also know that the Right just threw targets on the backs of an even more vulnerable population this year--trans kids. So they have their sites set on not only pregnant people but children because that's what they do. 

Protest, write, call, donate... what are you doing to fight this unconstitutional law? Share your actions in the chat. 

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Lodge A Complaint With AT&T And Other Actions

AT&T Funded These Extremist Abortion Bans

If you're as ready and willing to stop state-sponsored fascism and destruction of our lives with their extremist abortion bans, please contact AT&T today to lodge a complaint, asking them to stop meddling with our lives by sponsoring politicians who want to keep people pregnant without support, powerless to top them and with bounties on their heads. Politicians have NO idea how a pregnancy effects a body, from physical injuries, disabilities and death to the economic impact of a lifetime. They also have no idea how the menstrual cycle works and have made it painfully aware that they think six weeks is enough time for people with periods--which are often erratic, especially during stressful times like these--to not only know they're pregnant but to receive an abortion. Enough. Call AT&T and tell them to stop funding the destruction of our lives. A script is provided in the link.

Other important actions this week:

Sign to stop giving cops qualified immunity.

Stand with Starbucks workers who want to unionize. Watch their video, give if you like and share the campaign.

Sign to expand the Supreme Court and help neutralize the radical right-wingers Trump appointed who are also helping to further these extreme bans.

What actions do you have to share this week? Post them in the chat.



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Support Abortion Rights

Share how you're fighting to protect abortion rights.

Now that we know abortion rights are all but dead in Texas and every red state--including mine--is likely to soon follow suit, we need to work harder than ever to protect our bodily autonomy from the fascist white supremacists working so hard to keep us silent and powerless. We're not powerless and we certainly aren't going to be quiet! Right now, there are people...

Organizing marches for abortion rights on October 2

Flooding the Texas report website to make it harder for them to put bounties on pregnant peoples' heads (Seriously, why don't they just pray instead of enacting laws? That's what they do in response to guns killing actual babies and kids!). I love TikTokers!

Contacting their senators and representatives as often as possible. Unfortunately that's not working in my state, where we are not only gerrymandered the the moon and back but also represented by a senator who lied about his address and doesn't. Even. Live. Here. We still have to keep calling and voicing opposition. 

What are you doing where you live to combat this tyranny? Share your actions in the chat and keep it up. Every single ones of us need to fight this tooth and nail, day and night.


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