The DOJ Is Still Protecting Trump

Sign to tell them to stop!

Remember back when Biden accused Trump of using the Department of Justice as his own personal attorney service? Trump is still doing that. Why on Earth is our Department of Justice still protecting him from sexual abuse allegations? Trump's special protection is long overdue for removal and we need the DOJ to allow him to be investigated for his crimes.

This petition from UltraViolet is asking the Department of Justice to stop giving Trump this special protection so he can be investigated like any other citizen. If you think that Trump should have all of his accusations investigated without interference of our own government, please sign.

What other petitions are you signing this week? Share them in the chat.

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It's Time To Pass The Equality Act

Tell your senators every day

From housing to healthcare, jobs to education, the LGBTQ+ community faces discrimination across the board in the United States. While we have protection against this kind of discrimination in law for many citizens, if you're LGBTQ+ your rights are not guaranteed. This is 2021 and beyond unacceptable.

The Equality Act would change this. It would render all of those terrible anti-trans bills passed this spring that target trans kids, our most vulnerable citizens, null and void and prevent further trauma from being inflicted upon them next legislative season. It would create fairer job, education and housing policies for people across the board. It would ensure that citizens are closer to the equity that we should all have as our goal.

Click here to write your senator and tell them you want the Equality Act passed, but please don't stop there. Spread the word. Call your senators daily. Tell everyone how important this legislation is. It's truly life-saving and long overdue. What are you doing to help pass the Equality Act where you live? Share your actions and ideas in the chat!

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Why Do Dems Keep Playing Nice?

Republicans do NOT care about bipartisanship in general

While there are a few instances of Republicans giving support to bipartisanship over the last decade, most of them have not. For the most part they've been completely against meeting Democrats where they are, compromising and even giving themselves more allowance than the Dems--especially when it comes to something like the Supreme Court. So why do Dems keep offering them the olive branch instead of plunging ahead with the progress we desperately need?

It's all politics, of course, from courting the moderates to fulfilling lobbyist promises, but it sure has grown old. This filibuster is completely unnecessary and, once again, would never be honored if the tables were turned. Indeed, it wasn't honored last time, so what are we even waiting for? Anyone else want to start a Democratic Socialist party?

What do you think we need to do to get the progress the American people desire? Share your ideas in the chat. 

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Student Loan Forgiveness Excluded From Budget

Does this mean that Biden's promise is totally broken?

Most of us are pretty tired of politicians who promise change and don't deliver on their promises. Joe Biden seemed like a necessary vote last year for many of us but we also knew that we'd have to fight even harder for change to happen beneath his moderate stances. Now, after arguing for cutting student debt and ensuring free community college for all, Biden excluded student loan forgiveness from his budget, which sure makes it seem like it's no longer on the table.

Is it possible that we'll still see it sometime? Perhaps. My guess is that he's going to shove it in during his fourth year as president as a bargaining chip. Remember when Obama started talking about free college during his final two years in office? Yep. It's hard to trust what any politician says and even the ones we do trust end up disappointing us somehow.

Do you think student loan forgiveness will be in the cards anytime soon for the United States? What about universal healthcare? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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We Want A Popular Vote

So how do we get there?

As often as we've had a president sworn in who didn't win the popular vote in my lifetime, you'd think the United States would've done something about the archaic Electoral vote once and for all by now. It's an outrageous, outdated idea that has its roots in white supremacy and slavery. It has absolutely no place in the modern world.

So how do we go about it? Abolishing the Electoral College seems obvious, as does promoting a popular vote. There's a petition to call for that here. Some states are incorporating new graded voting measures, which could be helpful, but others are implementing modern poll taxes and other means of voter disenfranchisement, which is also something we have to stop. So how do we do it?

What are you doing to protect voting rights and advance the popular vote where you live?

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Anti-Trans Bill Defeated

Too bad some states can't say the same

After battling an anti-trans kid bill that would penalize doctors who provide them with hormone blockers for months now, I'm happy to report that it failed in committee with a vote of 6-2 in my state. As I celebrate this I can't help but feel the dread of not only what is to come, since the Right has made it clear these vulnerable kids are their new targets, but also what's going to happen in states where these bills are passing.

How can these people sleep at night knowing they are destroying lives? Some might honestly believe they are helping due to the conflicting science, much of it spread by the same doctors who are anti-vaxxers and shouldn't even be called doctors in the first place, but most seem to be looking for the new fear-based platform and scapegoat in order to make a comeback given that they're losing their elections.

How are these bills doing in your state? Share your challenges and victories in the chat.

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Number 1 Request For The Biden Administration

What do you hope they fix most? What do you think has the greatest chance?

The number of issues we face in the modern world are dizzying and to narrow it down to just ONE thing feels impossible. If I had to choose, I know that universal healthcare, poverty, civil rights and LGBTQ rights top my list, but I think climate change may be my number one ask because it effects everyone, even if they won't be born until this fall. You can bet I support the Green New Deal.

But what issues do you think might have the most chance of being passed? If we got rid of the filibuster it would definitely help but we also have a few right-of-center Democrats who aren't doing us any favors. Reducing student loan debt seems to be a promise that might get checked off the Biden to-do list, and I hope all of these issues are addressed at some point. There really is so much.

What's your favorite thing that the administration has done so far? How about the thing you hope they do most?

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Stop the Kidnapping And Abuse of Teens

Have you heard about this?

No, this isn't some QAnon conspiracy. There are boarding schools parents send their "troubled teens" to that kidnap them, force them to take medicine and shower under supervision, and even beat them. Paris Hilton recently testified that she attended one such school in Utah. It's incredibly disturbing. Please sign this petition and share it to help people look for this kind of abuse.

Speaking of kidnapping, you can also take action against human trafficking (again, the real kind, not the QAnon kind; we have more slaves today than ever in history and it needs to be stopped and not hindered by conspiracy theorists) by learning more here and taking action here. Share any actions you find in the chat.

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QAnon Conspiracists in Former Special Operations Forces

This is especially disturbing

Remember back in January when the terrorist attack on our Capitol terrified us all and white nationalists tried to throw a coup because their candidate lost? Yes, that was this year. It's still harrowing to think about. Remember how some of the insurrectionists seemed rather professional, especially in terms of their gear? It turns out that there are former special operations forces officers in secret Facebook groups who are Qanon conspiracy theorists.

Knowing that people who not only have insider knowledge but also know-how believe in these conspiracies is distrurbing, to say the least. I'm really hoping some of them are actually spying to keep tabs on those who would do us harm, but I'm sure many of them are not.

How are you dealing with the conspiracy theorists you know? Any arguments or logic that's helped you win anyone over? Share what you've learned in the chat.

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Take Action This Week

Share your actions in the chat!

Every day requires constant vigilance as fascism continues to grow, the Right fights to dismantle every win we've ever had and the Left just doesn't even start to cover Left-wing values. Most Left-wing policies in America are moderate by other developed nation standards. It's time to move forward. Here are some actions for the week.

Ask the Senate to support the For the People Act

Petition schools to teach Reconstruction

Ask Congress to fight gun violence

Ask Biden to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline

Ask the Senate to approve new Board of Governors to help save the Post Office

Ask Congress to include healthy school meals as part of Biden's investment package

What actions do you have to share? Post them in the chat.

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