Trump As Clown -- Sideshow Don?

And now they a making fun of the Donald. Folks were in awe of him, had brought into the illusion that he is a great businessman. He plays one on TV. His wild man verbal attacks on the President of the United States, and his crazy jingoistic statements on foreign affairs appealed to a certain segment of the GOP-Tea Party, and in a short time, he went from a respectful showing in the poll of GOP contenders to leading the pack.

And now comes the mocking. The right-wing conservative on-line journal Daily Caller has been making snide remarks about Mr. Trumps abilities all week. Monday, the conservative owned The New York Daily News ran a cover with the Donald in clown face, predicting that Mr. Trump has no chance of becoming President. Last night, Thursday, late night show host Jimmy Kimmel waded into the humor pool at the Donald's expense. His take on the Trump campaign is that it is a hoax, a gag, to boost the ratings for Trump's reality TV show The Apprentice.

Kimmel's thinking is that Trump's campaign is a ruse.

A joke on the rubes?

On the public. An amusing distraction.

Trump is only pretending to run for president. Kimmel offers proof: the insane, non-presidential things that Trump says. And Kimmel imagines just what would a Donald Trump presidency look like.

Fodder for comedy?

See the video.

A couple of nights ago, Wednesday, Jon Stewart gave his take on Torpedo mouth Donald Trump claimed that he sent investigators to Hawaii to investigate President Obama's birth certificate. A claim, the Baltimore Sun, dismissed yesterday as a lie. See the video.