5 FDR Accomplishments that Changed America

His accomplishments are still used today in one degree or another

Franklin D Roosevelt is still one the most remembered and honored presidents. He is remembered by many from his presidency that are still currently alive. He is also remembered from those who came after him through everything that history has taught. He is mainly remembered and honored due to the many accomplishments that he has made, these are his greatest accomplishments.

He created the FDIC, which is still used in our banking system today to ensure the security of individual accounts. Before the FDIC was formed many people were pulling their money out of the banks, due primarily to the fear that their money could at any time disappear. After the FDIC was formed people slowly began deposit money back into the banking system.

He also formed the Civil Works Program also known as the CWA. This placed many unemployed workers back into the workforce. The CWA was a public works program that built and repaired roads, parks, airports and many other needed structures.


FDR implemented the National Industrial Recovery Act, known as the NIRA. The NIRA did several things to improve working standards. One rather important thing that it created was the minimum wage that we still use to guarantee a set minimum hourly wage.

One rather accomplishment that he made while in office was created the Fair labor Standards Act. This Act set child labor laws. This eliminated the unfair exploitation of child workers.

FDR was also responsible for abolishing prohibition. This is often left out of his accomplishments, though I personally am very glad that I can have a drink from time to time when I feel like it without having to sneak in to one of those shady looking “speakeasies”. Not to mention that the sale of alcohol probably reinvented several jobs across the nation including manufacturing, distribution and service.


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